Junction Works, Digbeth, Birmingham

Close to where I work in Digbeth, there is a building called Junction Works. It sits on the Grand Union Canal just off Fazeley St. It looks like an old industrial building, however i’m not sure what it was ever used for.

As long as I’ve known it, it’s always been empty.  I know there used to be a boxing club there at one point. The front of the building has recently been half heartedly renovated. It’s got a brand new roof on it, and in the second room there is a beautifully renovated double glazed glass roof that lets natural light pour in.


Autumn Mornings

I woke up really early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. The field across the road from my house seems to attract the morning mist. It’s usually empty except for the odd dog walker. It was a beautiful autumn sunrise and i’ve been pretty inspired by some of the free photo’s I found on Unsplash so I thought I’d go and take a few of my own.


Hacking Casper

Casper is a WordPress theme by Lacy Morrow. When looking around for a new WordPress theme, I came across Ghost. Ghost is an online publishing platform that takes the complexities out of writing and publishing online. There are some really gorgeous themes available. I was really tempted to migrate across but opted not to because of the huge amount of useful plugins and great support from the wordpress community.

I googled around a bit and found Casper, it’s an open source theme that imitates the default theme you get with ghost. It ticked most of the boxes for me as I wanted to take my website back to basics.



Whilst going through the re-design of my site, I stumbled on an amazing resource of free-to-use photos at unsplash.com. They post ten new photos every ten days and they are mostly amazing. It’s so nice that people are willing to give away such great work for free.

It’s inspiring that people make work just to be seen and not to make money. Here are a few favourites.

rogr.net 4.0

This website seems to move with my life serving as a log of different phases. I went freelance last year and was offered my old job back for quite a bit more money, so I sold out. As my life and job changed back, so has the blog.